... A truly disciplined organization that continues to learn and consistently applies the best methods to achieve goals.


At the core of TEIPL's culture is a unique mixture of values shared by all employees. These embedded values drive productivity resulting in profitability and sustainability for the benefit of TEIPL and our customers.

We strongly believe that our success stems from the values, which require character to act on our beliefs, s to achieve goals, and commitment to see them through.


  • . Ethical integrity and a fundamental spirituality
  • . An emphasis on seeking solutions, not casting blame
  • . An open environment where honest communications are encouraged and honest differences of opinion are allowed
  • . A commitment to managing on the basis of sound principles

... Doing the "right thing" in a professional manner is a demand we make of ourselves.


  • . An entrepreneurial spirit
  • . Creativity
  • . Decisiveness
  • . Initiative for self-growth
  • . Leadership that encourages small work groups
  • . A continuous seeking of the optimal balance between flexibility and control


  • . Commitment to the company and to fellow citizens
  • . Missionary zeal in representing the company and its products
  • . Responsibility and personal empowerment
  • . Encouraging people to grow and empowering them to do so
  • . Continuous rejuvenation and reinvention of the corporation
  • . A passion for recruiting the best people

Employee Benefit Schemes

Training requirements & Cost

TEIPL have decided to sponsor its' promising Managers for these courses. The main criteria for selection will be the performance record of the individual and his/her potential as perceived by the Management.

Fun at Work Scheme

We organize cricket matches, informal get together and many more team building exercise for the employees.

Outbound Trainings

Experiential Trainings


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