DC-DC Converters

Standalone Inverter System (DC-DC)

  • . Wide DC input range
  • . Output short circuit protection
  • . DC input polarity protection
  • . Sine Wave output
  • . Designed for any kind of load
  • . Automatic restart of load after overload shutdown
  • . Audible alarm
  • . Thermal control cooling fan
  • . Generator compatible (models with AC input)
  • . Smart Bypass function (models with AC input)
  • . Full function of LED display (LCD display optional)

DC DC Converters

TEIPL DC-DC converters are fan cooled converters which convert typical 24VDC input to 48VDC or vice versa for various Telecommunication Applications. The high power density DC-DC converters employ the state-of -the -art technology and provide high conversion efficiency, high power density and extended operating temperature range. It finds wide application in Telecom and Railways.

Salient Features

  • . Modular for 19" rack mounting.
  • . High efficiency
  • . Automatic load sharing
  • . Reverse polarity protection design.


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