Telecom Inverters & UPS

Modular Inverter System

TEIPL modular inverter series is an integrated telecommunications power system, including inverter, static switch, LCD display controller, and interface modules. With a versatile "building block" design and N+1 redundant configuration, the inverter system facilitates complex telecommunications and industrial power demands, and provides ultimate flexibility for your current and future power requirements.N+1 parallel redundancy allows power capacity expandable up to 24KVA.



Salient Features

  • . Versatile modular design provides flexibility for different power applications
  • . Expandable capacity up to 24KVA with N+1 redundancy configuration
  • . Pure sine wave
  • . Hot-swap replacement in shelf
  • . High efficiency >88%
  • . DSP design for higher system reliability
  • . Lower audible noise < 55dBA
  • . Smart fan speed control
  • . N+1 redundancy system, load sharing difference < 5%
  • . High power density
  • . CAN Bus interface embedded
  • . -48VDC Telecom system application
  • . Wide operation temperature range, -20 to 70C


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