Customer Confidence

Quality certification is a fundamental requirement for all manufacturing units now-a-days, but at TEIPL, we strongly believe in Quality and our management always insists on "Zero Compromise" for quality issues. Our Quality Management System ensures:

Besides manufacturing, our emphasis is to apply Quality management not only in the manufacturing process but also in Finance, Administration, Sales and Marketing and Design Engineering etc. Courtesy to our efficient quality team supported strongly by the Management and all colleagues, TEIPL enjoys high level of customer confidence manifested by repeat orders. Today TEIPL products are installed at more than 40,00 sites worldwide.

In its endeavor to achieve total customer satisfaction, TEIPL has obtained ISO 9001:2008 Certification for design, implementation, testing and maintenance of Power Supplies.

TEIPL runs a continuous quality management system (QMS) assessment program with STQC, Standardization Testing and Quality Certification (STQC) , an attached office of the Department of Information Technology(DIT), Government of India. With a number of successful external audits, TEIPL's quality management processes and procedures have been repeatedly reported to demonstrate a very high level of compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 Standard. TEIPL's management team and personnel are strictly committed to maintaining and constantly improving it QMS in conformity with customer quality objectives and requirements via regular management reviews, internal audits, customer feedback and quality awareness training.

The TEIPL quality assurance team has designed and documented a set of internal processes to ensure that the company's R&D operations comply with the guidelines set down by the standard.

TEIPL's Quality Process

  • . On-going collection of various quality and performance matrix.
  • . Summing up and reporting all quality matrices on a quarterly basis
  • . Motivation of Quality Circle
  • . Recording and storing all tests and associated documents with references to be provided to the customer along with related deliverables
  • . RCA (root cause analysis) process for operations improvement and attention to potential quality issues

TEIPL's performance management policies include the following quality assurance initiatives:

  • . Crystal Clear communication with customer at all levels ( technical, operation etc. to identify customer requirements and grasp the client's vision of how TEIPL can meet them)
  • . Comprehensive documentation reviews (internal, external)
  • . Well-prepared conferences with customers
  • . Stringent code inspection
  • . Innovative product verification strategies

Quality and excellence form an integral part of our business process to ensure the delivery of reliable solutions on our customers' terms, including their most stringent time requirements. We do our utmost to make the notion of 'quality' more tangible and comprehensible, defining it as a crucial element of service delivery. We realize that high quality services combined with organizational effectiveness serve the launching pad to business success of our customers. Therefore, we continuously improve our design, development and testing procedures, evaluating achievements and taking the necessary measures to update our quality model and quality control practices.


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